The Finishing Touch Studio was commissioned to head over to the lovely island of Bintan. Club Med is in the midst of repositioning Club Med Bintan to be a choice destination. 

We were briefed to capture the beauty of the nature that surrounds the property. Usually, clients will ask you to shoot their buildings or rooms in a fresh or exciting way. However, they have plans to renovate their building so we would have to focus our efforts on the nature parts of the property which they had plenty but for some reason not captured in their official images when they first opened. 

The weather for the first 3 days was almost perfect except for one sunrise which we went all the way to the golf course to do so but it was drizzling and cloudy. Otherwise, it was beautiful sun all day till night. 

While working, (some say that is not work but I assure you we were up and running from dawn to dusk.) we experienced the hospitality of Clubmed and the people we met were from all over the globe. On the last day, we managed to sneak in some time to try out the activities before heading back. 

We were very happy how the images turned out back in post. Hopefully, we get to do this more often!

Client: Club Med (

Photographers: Eric Chen RR ( & Nic Loh (