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Eric is an advertising & commercial photographer who is currently based in Singapore.

His interest in creating images started when he first studied in film school. where he found a fascination in making images and he went on to major in cinematography. Even while serving in the Army, it did not make him drop his camera. After his first year of military training, he was eventually selected to join the Singapore armed forces filming unit where he continued honing his craft. He enrolled in to university thereafter and graduated with a business degree. In the midst of his studies, he co-founded: THE FINISHING TOUCH STUDIO ( TFTSTUDIO )

The reason behind his stylistic high end commercial look is due to being personally selected by the highly respected, Sebastian Tan, Managing Director / Photographer of Shooting Gallery Asia & President of the professional association of Singapore (PPAS) for an apprenticeship programme held by Noise Singapore. He worked at Shooting Gallery Asia production house where he learn the process of producing high quality work.

Since then he worked along side the best in the business and meticulously sharpening his skills. He went on to work for various other commercial photographers until 2011, where he decided to start his own business. 

So far, he has shot for clients such as Toyota, Samsung, Volkswagen, Clubmed, Casio, FarEast Retail & Hospitality and The Sam Willows just to name a few. Eric is much sought after for his keen understanding for his client’s brand and his creative approach. He is also a key opinion leader with Sony Camera & Samsung mobile where he tests and gives feedback on their new cameras & products.

Right now, he is expanding and growing The Finishing Touch Studio with his trusted colleagues and partners. He loves to travel and has amassed a following on Instagram (@ericchenrr) that follows him for his travel photography. He is also pursuing his interest in brand development in other businesses and having a great time chasing after his dreams along side his friends.




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